Barbara L Davis

Motherhood has been my greatest accomplishment to date. Another of my accomplishments is becoming an author. Writing was always a cathartic experience for me. I would conjure up stories and poems to express how I felt and how I viewed the world. Over the years, I accumulated a number of poems and short stories and often shared them with anyone who would read my work. After retiring with over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, I decided it was time to gather a collection of my best poems and self-publish my first book. In 2016, I  published  the eBook version of “Pieces of Us".  Then in June 2017, I changed the cover and added more content and I published a soft cover version. In 2018, I followed the soft cover with another eBook. Recently I have transitioned from poetry to writing longer stories. My goal is to stretch my imagination and engage my creativity to make my new work come alive in engaging and entertaining ways.