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Barbara L Davis

Being an author is one of my greatest accomplishments to date. Writing was always a cathartic experience for me. I would conjure up stories and poems to express how I felt and how I viewed the world. Over the years, I accumulated a number of poems and often shared them with anyone who would read or listen. After retiring from the U.S. Air Force, I decided it was time to gather a collection of my best poems and self-publish my first book in 2016 Pieces of Us and added more content for republishing in 2017.  I have another poetry book Fragment of My Soul and a novella Reap What You Sow in the works to be released in 2022. I have two short stories, currently available on Kindle Vella. I have also published two coloring books for adults and three self-care journals. My goal is to continue to put out good content as well as stretch my imagination as I engage in the art of screenwriting. 

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