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Poetry Pieces

Poetry is my literary first love, so it brings me joy to be able to share with you! I hope you enjoy reading my poems as much as I enjoyed writing them. Happy Reading!!



I cry when I'm hurt and I cry when I'm mad. When you walk away during one it could save your life. When you walk away from the other you're dead to me.

Self Love

Until you fall in love with yourself, you'll never know what true love is supposed to feel like.

Return on Investment

Love isn't free. It costs time and energy but the return on investment is worth the price.


You must learn to put away your feelings because some decisions require you to think.


You can’t unring that bell or unspin that wheel …too much time has passed so do IT, get IT, give IT, enjoy IT. Just don’t waste any more of IT because once ITs gone you can never get IT back now get up and go get your IT together!!!


Have you grown since your last mistake? You know the one that has held you back; the one that has been in the forefront of your memory; the one that has made you feel less, act worse, and accomplish nothing. If you have then LET GO but if not then GROW!

Your Mind

Your mind can be used to keep you bound, bound to things that may or may not be true. Sometimes your mind throws a pity party and invites all your past hurts and pains and they all gang up on you.


They say why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. Well, if you’re referring to me as a cow; this milk will cost you plenty.
This milk will cost you time, effort, respect, and a home. I’m not talking about a house because I can do that on my own.
So if you’re looking for free milk here then you best be on your way. Because if you want this milk, you better be prepared to pay!!


You tell her that you love her then you take her through all this foolishness. You hurt her with your cheating and lies which breaks her heart to pieces. You then try to make it her fault by claiming she wasn't taking care of business; but you know the problem isn't her it's your own selfishness and weakness.


Why do some women get a conscience and want to tell the significant other when the relationship is over? Where was that conscience when you took that woman's man as a lover? Was it that you thought he would leave her to be with you? Not realizing that is something cheater's rarely do. Now you've got your heart, mind, and body invested in someone who can give you no return on your investment. Not realizing that you deserve the 1 Corinthians 13:7 kind of love from the Old Testament. When the relationship is over, don't be bitter that you couldn't hold on to someone else's man. Instead get a conscience before you start this type of relationship so you won't end up in this situation again. 


If you look in the mirror and embrace what you see then that's your definition of beauty. However, if you look in the mirror and degrade what you see then you have made yourself a victim to other's definition of beauty.


You came into my life. You accepted my faults. I grew into who I am. Who knew falling in love would be so easy.